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Who We Are


CWOW USA is a registered 501c3 Christian not for profit ministry dedicated to spreading the Gospel by forming communities of faith and discipling lay leaders.

Dramatic Decline in          Infant Mortality

Experience CWOW USA

Preaching the Gospel
Discipling Leaders
Forming Communities of Faith
Meeting Community Needs

How we do what we do

Forming area communities of faith

In many developing nations the need for trained Christian pastors far exceeds the number of pastors available.  In rural areas, smaller villages cannot afford to support a pastor.  CWOW supports pastors responsible for a larger geographical area, many times in as much as a 30 mile radius.  The pastor's mobility enables him to visit his communities and disciple lay leaders.  By combining resources, the many communities served, are better able to support the pastor.  The pastor identifies and communicates the specific needs within the community.  Some of these needs may include access to clean water, a medical clinic or a school.  CWOW USA invites our donors to support the community needs.


Through your generous support, CWOW USA is able to fund many projects that provide much needed relief for these communities.

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Introducing a clean water source to a village makes a huge difference.  After drilling a bore hole these babies were born within the first year and a half.  CWOW USA donors know the difference clean water can make.


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42W588 Still Meadows Ln
Elburn, IL 60119

630 805-0822 Mobile

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